B.A HES(History, Economics, Sociology)

  • We go beyond employability for our students to multi-tasking, of running a household along with a career.
  • To empower them in decision making for social, political and economic policy making.
  • To modernise their outlook to embrace the advancement of their thinking process in the light of institutional changes in the competitive world.
  • To build and enhance their confidence to participate in the process of development to be inclusive in bringing a fair share of the development benefits to all strata in society.
  • To exploit the resources both human and natural for the betterment of society and also promoting sustainable development.
  • The course aims at fulfilling the national agenda of achieving peace, progress and prosperity.

B.A ESP (Economics,Sociology,Psychology)


  • We strive to empower our graduates to be employable in this high-technology society by ensuring that they –
  • Study, share and widen the representation of people’s social relationships and commitment through knowledge that is fluid and amenable to planning and research.
  • Democratize their thoughts, structure their emotions, and understand the autonomous levels of the social system and the nature of social stratification in our society.
  • Establish the theory and practice of planning from a perspective basically sympathetic to the working class and popularise the productive process for technical and control functions, while everyone maximises Satisfaction, Profits, Efficiency, and the use of their time.

B.A JEP/JKP (Journalism,Optional English/optional Kannada,Psychology)


We strive to empower our graduates to be employable in this high-technology society by ensuring that they –

  • As conveyors of knowledge and capabilities, look beyond definitions and subject boundaries in to the true quality of human behaviour, both rational and irrational, and thus encourage thoughts and actions that are more inclusive of people.
  • Study the origin of Ideas, Events, Symbols, Art, and Social Circumstances and thereby include themselves in debates to understand societies, past and present, and to define the National Picture through a historical perspective drawn from the abundant fount of literature available.
  • Communicate refined knowledge, Verifiable Facts, and Non-biased Views on matters of public concern to the community and achieve symmetry through the principles of Truthfulness, Accuracy, Objectivity, Impartiality, Fairness, and Public accountability.