Doctoral study in chemistry at NMKRV College (affiliated to Bangalore University ) prepares scholars for research and teaching careers with diverse emphases on physical, energy, materials, analytical and environmental sciences. The Ph. D Program is followed as per Bangalore University Guidelines and the admission procedure is through Bangalore University. The research program is designed towards developing within each student the ability to do creative scientific research. The program aims to provide scholars with a background in advanced course work and chemical laboratory techniques that will prepare them to carry out an original, independent investigation to an acceptable contribution to the body of contemporary knowledge.

During the course work the four courses, Foundations of Research, Methods in Research for Science, Research Publication and Research Writing for Science. Currently there are two Research Guides:


The Department of Chemistry is committed in providing academic advice in support of student’s research and their scholarly and professional development. Department encourages scholars in engaging in inter disciplinary research which in turn helps them to understand and integrate scientific concepts. The Ph. D program provides opportunities to share and disseminate research findings and innovations through seminars, conferences and publications in reputed journals.

Eligibility Condition:

As per Bangalore University Guidelines