• The Sociology faculty strives to promote among its students theoretical and methodological techniques in understanding complex social and cultural realities.
  • Developing the ability of the academics in the field of Sociology, in accordance with the needs of community.


  • Students develop sociological imagination/perspective contributing to the overall mission of Humanities division.
  • The mission of the Department of Sociology is to create a learning environment that promotes a scientific understanding of social life. Through teaching, scholarship, and service, the department provides educational experiences through various outreach programs that enable students to think sociologically about the significance of social structures and processes. They learn about multi-cultural perspectives, and the emerging trends of the local and global community as a whole.


  • To bring about an integration between Social Theory and Research.
  • Application of sociological concepts to real life conditions.
  • Building a diverse, interdisciplinary learning environment
  • Empowerment of faculty, students, and stakeholders.
  • Instilling and fostering values like honesty, integrity, credibility, and accountability, thereby making the subject a value-oriented discipline.