NMKRV College for Women, managed by the Rashtreeya Shikshana Samiti Trust, is a beautiful campus, rich with greenery and beauty, making it a wonderful environment for academic pursuits.

The college was started as a pre-university college in 1971, with just 150 students, and has grown in leaps and bounds since then. In 1973, it was renamed as the NMKRV Degree College for Women.

Standing by the goals of the Rashtreeya Shikshana Samithi Trust, the vision of the college is to ‘Educate, Enrich & Empower’ its students. Since its inception, the college’s mission always been to educate and enrich first generation learners to meet the challenges of the growing world. The founders believed in the dictum – ‘Educating a girl child is like educating the entire family’. A college that started with a meager strength of 150 students has grown as an edifice of educational excellence, with more than two thousand students and over one hundred and fifty faculty members. At present, the college offers fourteen undergraduate courses, and five post-graduate courses.

As an autonomous college, it has achieved many feats and climbed great heights. It was awarded the College with Potential for Excellence title, by the UGC in 2010, and NAAC accreditation at ‘A’ level with 3.22 CGPA in the year 2015. The college has been identified for the support in the level ‘O’ category by DST under FIST Programme in the year 2016. The college will receive Rs. 100 Lakhs to strengthen the training and research facilities in all the Science departments.