Department of Computer Applications

The Department of Computer Applications was stabled in the year 2022-23, it was bifurcated from Department of Computer Science since 2023. The department is provided with the necessary infrastructure facilities with a state-of-art computer centre. The department has a wide vision of the technological scenario and human resource enrichment.



  • Committed to foster the technological skill to the students to attain the professional excellence and serve for the Information Technology needs of the society


  • To achieve academic excellence through quality education, placement training, seminars and workshops to meet the global challenges
  • To promote intellectual and personal growth through continuous learning process
  • To provide technical and operational excellence through a commitment for the effective and strategic use of emerging technologies


  • The Main objective of the Department of Computer Applications is to promote the students community in the field of Information technology and Network communication. 
  • To provide quality education to the students through latest technology development in Computer science through learning environment that helps students to enhance problem solving skills, be successful in their professional lives and to prepare students to be life long learners by offering a solid theoretical foundation in computing along with applied computing experiences and educating them about their professional and ethical responsibilities.
  • To establish Industry Institute Interaction to make students ready for the industrial environment and to provide exposure to students to the latest tools and technologies in the area of computer software. There is a blend of theoretical and practical exposure to the students through seminar and workshops and through guest lecturers.
  • The Department encourages students to pursue professional courses and conducts career guidance programs to appear for competitive exams. The Department also encourages students to participate in internal and inter-collegiate competitions, cultural events to explore their talents and skills.


PO       Description
PO 1 Understand and apply mathematical foundation, computing and domain knowledge for the conceptualization of computing models from defined problems.
PO 2 Ability to identify, critically analyze and formulate complex computing problems using fundamentals of computer science and application domains.
PO 3 Ability to transform complex business scenarios and contemporary issues into problems, investigate, understand and propose integrated solutions using emerging technologies.
PO 4 Ability to devise and conduct experiments, interpret data and provide well-informed conclusions.
PO 5 Ability to select modern computing tools, skills and techniques necessary for innovative software solutions.
PO 6 Ability to apply and commit professional ethics and cyber regulations in a global economic environment.
PO 7 Recognize the need for and develop the ability to engage in continuous learning as a Computing professional.
PO 8 Ability to understand management and computing principles with computing knowledge to manage projects in multidisciplinary environments.
PO 9 Communicate effectively with the computing community as well as society by being able to comprehend effective documentations and presentations.
PO 10 Ability to recognize economical, environmental, social, health, legal, ethical issues involved in the use of computer technology and other consequential responsibilities relevant to professional practice.
PO 11 Ability to work as a member or leader in diverse teams in a multidisciplinary environment.
PO 12 Identify opportunities, entrepreneurship vision and use of innovative ideas to create value and wealth for the betterment of the individual and society.


PSO      Description
PSO 1 Understand the basic principles and concepts of Computer applications and integrate the knowledge gained in Computer application domain with practical needs of the society and be an ethically and socially responsible Computer Application Professional.
PSO 2 Explore emerging technologies in diverse areas of Computer Application and inculcate skills for a successful career, entrepreneurship, and higher studies.
PSO 3 Ability to apply the concepts of Computer and practices via emerging technologies and Software development tools.
PSO 4 Equip themselves for the potentially rich & employable field of computer applications.
PSO 5 Pursue higher studies in the area of Computer Science/Applications.
PSO 6 Take up self-employment in the Indian & global software market.
PSO 7 Meet the requirements of the Industrial standard.


Mrs. Vandana G P

Assistant Professor