About Psychology forum:

The Psychology forum was formed in the college to provide an opportunity for the students of all streams, who are interested in the subject of Psychology to enroll and participate actively in the ongoing programs.

Students engaging in interdisciplinary subjects create their own understanding and knowledge of the world through their study choices. This symbiotic learning experience becomes more meaningful, purposeful and satisfying, resulting in knowledge that will stay with them for a lifetime. It is bound to bring about a synthesis of integrative learning, critical thinking and creative problem solving.

The Objectives of the forum include:

  • Create awareness about the fundamental process and principles underlying human thought and behavior
  • Understand the principles contributing to good mental health and healthy lifestyle
  • Develop life skills which are essential to cope with the challenges of everyday life
  • Enhance self-understanding and build self-confidence
  • Develop communication skills, group collaboration and cooperation
  • Sensitize the process of acculturation and citizenship
  • Promote holistic personality development


Ms. Veena K

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology