Project Emboss

Braille facility in NMKRV library


The BRAILLE wing for visually impaired students was started in the NMKRV College library in 2009, to empower them by providing access to information through ‘SCREEN READER’ on the computer and BRAILLE books on various subjects. Access to knowledge, would thus empower them to perform on par with other students and enhance employability.


This project has its humble beginning with a few BRAILLE books, both purchased by NMKRV and donated by DR. G N Sangeetha, a Documenter, and a staff member of NMKRV. She was also involved in conducting Orientation classes to the library staff and mobility training to the users, enabling them to have easy and independent access to the services and facilities of the BRAILLE wing. Labels in BRAILLE placed strategically on the doors of bookshelves helps them to locate their books and CDs. The students also have access to blank CDs that they may use to store information for later usage.


The Index of BRAILLE books are available as a computerised version and in print form for the convenience of the library staff in locating them. The collection includes Novels, Text-Books, General knowledge, BRAILLE Dictionary and issues of Readers Digest. Also senior students donate their notes to the juniors.

At the beginning of every academic year, new students are given ‘Orientation’ in the library which involves ‘Mobility Training’ to reach the library and within to reach the BRAILLE book shelves independently.

Many NGOs involved in Empowering the visually impaired, BRAILLE Resource Centre, Bangalore University, Mathru Chaya, Cubbon Park Braille Resource centre and ‘Premanjali’, offered substantial assistance.


NMKRV’s learning ambience and infrastructure has nurtured many visually impaired students as is seen in their achievements.

  • Dr Sangeetha G N: First visually impaired woman to receive Ph.D. in Karnataka, National award winner. Currently working as a Documentor in NMKRV College for Women
  • Anjum Taj: Placed in IT sector
  • Geetha: Masters in Sociology
  • Kavitha: Placement in State bank of India, Department of loan recovery
  • Aruna: Medical transcription
    Kaladhari Bhavani: M.Sc. in Psychology and an accomplished musician
  • Netravathi: National level Para-Sports champion

Problems encountered and RESOURCES REQUIRED

Mobility Training and Orientation at the beginning of each academic year requires financial resources to meet the reimbursement and hospitality of the experts who offer such training.

Revised syllabi requires new BRAILLE books.

State-of-Art Technology has seen tremendous progress in the area of enabling the visually challenged. It is our fervent wish to provide this to our students, even though their numbers are few.

The RV management does its very best in providing the resources; nevertheless, we look forward to some support from benevolent sponsors.