NMKRV an autonomous Institution, and one of the reputed Women’s college in Bangalore since 1971. The National Cadet Corps is the largest tri- service youth organization in India dedicated to grooming the youth of the country into disciplined and responsible citizens of the country. NCC unit in our college has for the past five decades been providing various facilities to NCC Cadets. It is a platform for overall development of a students to make them physically tough, develop character, comradeship, idea of service, capacity of leadership in women and act as the body to provide the basic military training that inculcate the feeling of honesty and above all the patriotism.

The college campus has adequate space for drill and other NCC related activities. Capt Chaithanya Ramesh, is a trained and well-motivated Associate NCC Officer in our college. The NCC wing of the college comes under 1 Karnataka Girls Battalion under Bangalore A group.

The NCC wing conducts various Social service, Community development, Swachh Bharath, Awareness programs and Adventure activities. Our college Cadets have participated in various State and National level camps and activities like, RDC, TSC, ID, Mountaineering, Trekking, Rock climbing, Shooting, National Integration, and Army and Hospital attachment camps. Many of our cadets have successfully completed their B and C certificate programs.