“Impart quality education & training in the field of chemistry to enable successful careers for the post graduate students in the field of research, education, & industry applications of chemical science.”



“The Department of Chemistry strives for an ideal balance between knowledge creation and knowledge dissemination in the chemical sciences, with a focus on student training for research, to meet global environmental issues through chemical education. Our mission is to train and mentor students to become responsible scientists and scientifically literate professionals, involving them in all aspects of chemistry and the global chemical enterprise”.



The Chemistry Department is committed to helping each student to achieve her personal academic potential by creating an environment that promotes

  • Frequent interactions between faculty and students
  • Development of innovative and instructional techniques
  • Use of modern educational technology in lectures and laboratory courses
  • Scientific inquiry of a significant nature by individual faculty and student investigators.
  • Promoting the development of innovative interdisciplinary research programs.
  • Outreach programs to chemistry students
  • Participation and leadership in professional organizations
  • Development of strategic partnerships with other departments, academic institutions and chemical industry.



Duration of the Course: Two years (FOUR SEMESTERS, CBCS)


Eligibility criteria

A candidate must have secured 40% marks. In the aggregate and Studied Chemistry (cognate subject) securing 50% marks in this subject at the B.Sc., level and studied Mathematics at 10 + 2 or the pre-university level.


Intake: 40 Students


The Department of Chemistry introduced the post-graduate course in organic chemistry during the year 1994-95 (22 years ago). So far 21 batches of students have passed out. This course was started by the former Principal – late Prof. C.N. Mangala – with a vision to cater to the higher education of girl students, under the headship of Dr. V.T. Vijayalakshmi, former principal, and coordinated by Dr. M. Ramaiah, former director of PG-Studies. Presently the department is coordinated by Dr. Y. Venkataramanappa.

The PG-Department of Chemistry has highly qualified and experienced staff to teach the course. There are 7 staff members with Ph.D. degrees.

The Department has shown consistent excellence in both results and placement of students in reputed companies like Aurigene, Apotex, Syngene, Biocon, Anthem-Biosciences, Strides, Bal-Pharma, Jubiliant Biosys, Molecular Connections etc. Many students have gotten scholarships to work for their Ph.D programme in IISc, USA, Australia, Germany and other countries.

Students have the privilege of working independently with research projects during their course of studies which enable them to get selected for placements during campus interviews. Our students are taken for industrial visits to various companies like Biocon, Antham Biosciences, Supreem Pharmaceuticals Mysore, Austria Technology Mysore, KSDL Bangalore. Other locations include institutes like IISc Bangalore, JNCASR Bangalore, Raman Research Institute, CFTRI Mysore, IISER, NCL Pune, BARC Mumbai, etc. Few students have secured good rankings in the previous year UGC/CSIR NET examinations and have joined various universities and institutions in India and abroad.

The department was recognized by Kuvempu University as a Research Centre and produced 10 doctoral degrees between 2012 to 2016. Since 2012-13 the centre has been recognized by Bangalore University. At present 6 students are pursuing their Ph.Ds. More than 70 research papers have been published by our research students and staff members in various peer-reviewed National/International journals, and 90 papers have been presented in National/International conferences. The Department has successfully completed several research projects funded by DST, DAE-BRNS, VGST, UGC, etc. worth more than 1.75 crores. Presently there are a few projects running that are funded by UGC. It is our proud privilege to mention that our college has been sanctioned Rs. 150 lakhs by the DST-FIST programme in this academic year. Under this project, we are about to procure HPLC, TGADTA, Battery Tester, AAS, Spectroflurimetry and other research oriented instruments.

The Department is equipped with a Miniflex XRD, Vigor Glove Box, and NMR instrument donated by Sir C.V. Raman Research Institute. Other instruments include – FTIR, UV-Visible spectrophotometer (both for liquids and solids), 7-Channel Electrochemical workstations, Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance, Rotating Ring Disc Electrode Instrument, Tubular Furnace, Ultrasonic Microprocessor, Peristatic Pump, high-pressure and low-pressure synthesis reactor, Tablet Dissolution Tester, and other sophisticated instruments. We are proud enough to claim that our students have benefitted much by the facilities provided by our ever enthusiastic and supportive management.



Eligible women candidates can take up the research programmes in the department under the recognized research guides of our centre as per Bangalore University regulations.



  • Rechargeable lithium ion batteries
  • Spectroflurimetric/spectrophotometric studies of metal and non-metal ions.
  • Biosensors
  • Organic synthesis
  • Natural products
  • Heterocyclic compounds



In this institution, our department provide scientific and technical consulting services, including specialized services such as – energy resources (Lithium ion batteries), environmental pollutants (Industrial effluents, air, water, soil sample analysis) detection services, and electrochemical sensor units.