Gender Internship Programme

Gender equality has been a greater voice for the discrimination and inequality which many women are facing in today’s society. The higher educational institutions play a pivotal role in bridging the gaps in gender inequality. GIP program will help students better face the challenges of inequality and discrimination in the society.

The UGC strongly feels the necessity of the educational institutions towards promoting gender equality. In its task force report ‘Saksham’ to address the need of gender sensitivity and equality has suggested measures to tackle the issues. One such measure is establishing Gender Sensitization cell, hence NMKRV college is offering GIP programme for those who are keen in women’s issues.


  • To bring in practical learning and experience for students on gender issues
  • In creating exposure and promoting the students to become gender sensitive
  • To develop within themselves a greater gender perspective which would help them to meet the workforce criteria’s?

Major Activities

  • Workshop/training programmes on Gender Gap
  • Field visits
  • Presentation/Assignments- based on burning women’s issues, protest etc
  • Observation of International Women’s Day
  • Organizing special lectures

Out come of the GIP

  1. The platform creates an opportunity for students to apply for national and international Internship programmes
  2. These programmes are helpful for pursuing higher education and undertake research projects on women’s issues
  3. GIP helps students in Placements such as
  • International consultant on Gender issues
  • Legal and Gender counselors
  • Peace and security programme advisors
  • Team leaders


Prof. Pauline Edwin

Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology