Consistent efforts are being made across the globe by various local and global organisations to sensitise the student community about the exhaustive nature of our valuable resources and the need to preserve them.

With similar objective in mind, the Eco-Club of our college “Neladavva” has been instated to contribute towards a cleaner and greener society that is environmentally aware and responsible.

The topmost need today, is to instill environmental awareness among students through various activities; thereby ensuring an environmentally aware and friendly community in the future.


  • To educate students about alarming environmental issues by creating awareness
  • To instil a responsible and proactive attitude among students towards environmental protection and conservation
  • To encourage students to use eco-friendly products in their daily life
  • To engage students in environmental awareness and conservation activities at a local level
  • To organise environmental preservation and cleanliness drives at regular intervals

Planned Activities:

  • Organise seminars and special lectures on environmental issues
  • Organise rallies, marches, and human chains at public places with a view to spread environmental awareness
  • Action based activities like tree plantation, cleanliness drives, both within and outside the College campus
  • Develop skills of observation, experimentation, survey, recording, analysis and reasoning needed for conserving environment.
    Campaign against plastic and plastic carry bags, use of POP or non-biodegradable Ganesha idols, etc.
  • Promote ethos of conservation of water by optimising the use of water and cleaning of water bodies in the adjacent area and use of eco-friendly Ganesha idols during festivals
  • Motivate students to imbibe habits and life style for minimum waste generation, separation of waste at source, and responsible disposal of
  • Sensitise the students to minimise the use of plastic bags, and avoid throwing them in public places since they choke drains and sewers, causing water logging and creating breeding ground for mosquitoes
  • Establish kitchen gardens, maintain vermin-composting pits, construct water harvesting structures, practice paper recycling etc.
  • Organise awareness programs through quiz, essay, painting competitions, rallies, etc. regarding various environmental issues and educate children about re-use of waste material & create purposeful products out of waste.


Ms. Priya R

Assistant Professor
Department of Biotechnology