Life at NMKRV provides an encouraging, invigorating environment. Three years of campus life offers abundant opportunities to experience, explore, and choose alternative areas of interest that could bring about a transformation for life.

The Theatre club NATYA has helped a number of students to participate in amateur theatre, and move on to becoming stage artists, TV serial actors, and directors of repute. Dancers extraordinaire of world-class repute are a part of the alumni of the college. NUPUR, the dance troupe, assists dancers to perfect their art, and showcases their talent.

NINAADA, the music troupe of NMKRV, has an array of alumnae who have made it big in the field of classical music, sugama sangeetha, folk music, etc. The advantage of being a NMKRV student is that one doesn’t just learn in classrooms alone; she learns outside the academic ambit.

‘NAVYATA’ – The Fashion Troupe of NMKRV College for Women begun in January 2017 encourages students interested in the field of fashion to participate in various fashion shows and conducts workshops that help them in pursuing a career in this field.

An energetic student life is assured throughout a student’s stay on the campus. Students are encouraged to don leadership roles in the cultural activities of the college. The departmental associations organise seminars, conferences, interclass and intercollegiate competitions – these activities are planned, managed, and conducted by the students themselves.

Theatre activity in NMKRV is designed to be an extension of classroom teaching. Aptly named PAGE TO STAGE, it explores the infinite possibilities that theatre can provide to pedagogy and attempts to bridge the void between an academic system and its palpable representation. Not only is it an indispensable tool for imparting emotive skills like empathy, active listening, trust and cooperation in team activities, it also helps in moulding the students’ personalities by bringing a deep ethical dimension to their lives.

The various workshops conducted for Natya students in the different aspects of dramatics like script writing, make-up, body language, voice modulation, and mask-making have helped students explore their passion for theatre and improve their skills. These workshops have been conducted by eminent theatre personalities such as Mr. Siddhartha Maadhyamika, Ms. Sheethala. S. Bhat, Prasanna Hulasekoppa, Madhusudhan Iyer, Prasanna. G (Vamshajaa) and Savitha. R (AvaniVamshajaa). The workshops have enabled the students to perform several dramas like – “Horatada Haadiyalli Deemantha Mahileyaru”, “Chomanadudi”, “Roshomon”, “Bhrunahatye”, and “Suryaputra Karna”. The latter has bagged several prizes in inter-collegiate competitions both at taluk and district level.

Ms. Akshatha A G
Assistant Professor
Department of Journalism

Nupur is the official dance troupe of the college. It is a platform for creative expression of students in the following dance forms.

  1. Indian Folk dance
  2. Indian Classical dance
  3. Contemporary dance
  4. Western, Middle Eastern (Arabian style) and Hip pop dance forms

Students are trained at workshops by professional choreographers. Students have been participating in various inter-collegiate competitions organised by prestigious colleges across the state and have been winning many laurels.

Ms. Akhila V
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology

  • NINAADA is the music team of the college
  • Students are given music vocal training during practice sessions
  • They are offered opportunities to exhibit their talent in all the college functions: as an invocation, as entertaining numbers, or thematic songs
  • They are encouraged to participate in inter collegiate festivals, theatre and TV shows
  • Music Museum visits are organised
  • WATCH & LEARN is an innovative move offered by the club. Students are encouraged to watch various artist’s music concerts and absorb the nuances of professional singing

Classes are conducted in EC /CC hour . The courses include the following:

⦿ Basic shruthi sahithya and taala

⦿ Ear training

⦿ Singing with microphone

⦿ Singing with karaoke and instruments

⦿ Voice workout 1

⦿ Voice workout 2

⦿ Stage presence and grooming

Ms Anupama M A
Assistant Professor
Department of Management