‘ANANYA’ is an umbrella of all EC/CC activities of
NMKRV College for Women


In alignment with the vision statement of NMKRV College ‘EDUCATE ENRICH EMPOWER, the college pledges for all round personality development of today’s young women. ANANYA aims to:

  • Stimulate literary, creative disciplines & psychological faculties
  • Inculcate Social responsibilities and Environmental care
  • Instill awareness of personal health hygiene
  • Explore the extra -curricular interests that is also reflected in marks card as credits
  • Craft the freelancing and professional abilities in creative art & entrepreneurial abilities
  • Ingrain self-reliance and Self Defense


Infusing creative arts and life skills with academics is much expected of a Higher Education Institution. The art and cultural faculties of students are very well nourished and celebrated by NMKRV since its inception in 1973. NATYA, NINAADA and NUPUR were the three initial wings that bagged huge attention, success and laurels at state, National & International levels. Currently ANANYA has 17 Wings within the EC/CC program as prescribed by the Bangalore University for the CBCS credits-based platform. The various wings of ANANYA are well received and appreciated by students & their parents. NMKRV sailed through hardships of initial challenges and constraints involved in designing, allocating resources and implementation of these programs. The major ones were Infrastructure Allocation, Budget Apportionment and Infusing a dedicated time slot for EC/CC within academic hours. The Faculty in charge had to spare early morning hours and after college hours in training and networking resources persons. Smoothening the process of Financial budget allotment and disbursement process both at administration and office levels were also put in place. Reciprocating the efforts of faculty, the benevolent RSST Management was accommodative with the trial and error exercises, and helped by suitably expanding the finance budget as and when necessary.

The resources were efficiently disbursed and additional resources was brought in with the help of other organizations and tie-ups. Some of them are

  • Unnat Bharath Abhiyan wing with Soroptimist –NGO and Youth for Seva , organized health and hygiene campaigns and installed Water purifier in Government schools
  • NINAADA’s tie up with UDUPA Foundation obtained a series of music & instrument workshop from professional artists of national and international repute
  • Fine arts wing tie up with PIDILITE industries solved primary requirements of art material supply
  • Arogya Kendra’s Tie-up with LIONs club to conduct health camps


The big student numbers and their compulsory registration, posed challenges in the registration process for activities. It resulted in a skewed combination of activities and unwilling participants.

Coordinators of ANANYA had to find ways of motivating and include all students. It led to a series of brain storming sessions, where many new programs were added and existing programs got their reframed content and design structure. Counseling the parents to address the social constraints of girls staying beyond college hours for practice sessions and going to various college venues for competitions or performance, paid dividends.

The next challenge was the evaluation of student’s performance for a 50marks or 1 credit, against a common scale for all the EC/CC activities. The heterogeneity of programs and their expected accomplishments were not uniform and a viable metric was needed. A series of brain storming sessions put forth a structured and plausible scale of evaluation.


Finally, the output of all programs was appreciated by both students and their parents. The visual arts viz singing, dance, theatre and also sports students bagged prizes at state, national & International levels. Few of them joined professional teams as freelancers, and part time professional trainees. Few of them have taken up independent film/theater direction. Fine arts created a platform to learn and earn from sale of artifacts made by students. The Psychology Forum and FSI have brought about attitudinal changes, improved self confidence, discipline and communication, motivation and self counseling abilities. The E Cell ignited the entrepreneurial spirits through one-year certificate course on Entrepreneurial Development and also organized an exhibition for practical learning of the same.

Problems encountered and RESOURCES REQUIRED

The success factors heightened the expectation from ANAYA. To match this ANANYA hopes for an updation of dedicated infrastructure, equipments and continuous/ enhanced financial support so as to bring in more derivatives to stake holders in future. The E-cell is working on collaboration with IIM Bangalore and EDI for which monetary sponsorship is anticipated fervently so that students with financial restraints can benefit from these activities, activities that contribute to a Holistic approach of Personality Development.