Zoology comprises of the study of animals and their behaviors. The subject helps studentstoknow the animal behavior, the way they live, their needs, the environment of the animals, how they adapt to the changing environment and their needs like nutrition, genetics, characteristics, evolution, physiology, reproduction etc.

Zoology is a recognized field today and is regarded as the top career choice in India. With the imbalance in the ecosystem today, acute need has been felt to preserve nature and even animals that are on the brink of extinction. Zoologists are in great demand today as many countries feel the need to preserve the wildlife and the nature.

At the end of the three year program in Zoology the students will able to:

  • Develop deeper understanding of key concepts of zoology at molecular, cellular level, physiology and reproduction at organism level.
  • Describe the role of taxonomy and systematics in animal studies and gain in-depth knowledge of animals including invertebrates and vertebrates..
  • Place zoological knowledge in context and show an understanding of the way zoologists think and understand the needs of zoology in shaping our planet.
  • Comprehend, interpret, general evolutionary relationships among and between different animal groups.
  • Correlate between the various animal habitats, their behavior and during the course of evolution
  • Learn the skills of handling various scientific equipment, designing and performing the laboratory experiments.
  • Explore various applied fields with the knowledge of sericulture, apiculture, fisheries, poultry, vermiculture, dairy farms etc.,
  • Communicate the importance of ecological factors, biodiversity, environmental conservation processes, pollution control and protection of threatened species to the society
  • Enhance their scientific temper and scientific thinkingand exhibit creativity in designing, planning, problem solving, model making for various scientific concepts