NMKRV College, close to completing five decades, is a Social Engineering icon, was founded to cater to women exclusively. Thus setting right the policy of Equity in the field of education.

The Department of Physical Education (DPE) is equally committed to social responsibilities and is responsive to community based developmental activities. In line with this philosophy, the Department of Physical Education launched an ‘Outreach sports programme’ for nurturing Sports talent at Government schools in collaboration with NGO ‘Aataa Odanata’ started by the alumnae Athlete of NMKRV.

Having understood the importance of early training in an athlete’s level of performance, we at DPE decided to offer our expertise, facilities and time to young children, who, we believe will benefit from early exposure to quality training.

There, we decided to adopt Government Schools, the ones who could very well do with additional facilities.

Our objectives:

  • To provide sports coaching and Training to talented athletes in government schools.
  • To prompt school authorities to consider augmenting their facilities, after having witnessed their students Success Track Record.
  • To directing encourage students who were Indigent and desperately needed guidance and support.
  • To offer information regarding other programs and organisations like the ‘Sports Authority of India’.
  • To offer counselling and Reassurance to the parents of students who were apprehensive of their children’ safety and future.
  • Admit good and interested athletes to NMKRV PU and Degree College under the ‘Free ship -Sports Quota’.

The Programme:-

Two schools, Government Higher Primary School, Puttenahalli, 7th phase J.P nagar, Bangalore and Government Higher Primary School, Wilson Gardens, Bangalore, are in the Programme with us. Three other schools, who had agreed to, could not join due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation (Feb /March 2020 onwards). We are confident of their involvement once we overcome this precautionary period.

Students went through the ‘Selections’ and fifteen were chosen from each school.  Groups were formed based on their abilities and skills. The Management of NMKRV ,and the college itself extended basic financial support in providing sports shoes, socks, tracksuits, bicycles and sports kits. NMKRV also provides Transport Allowance and nutritious breakfast to these young athletes while they practice on our campus grounds.

The training program was conducted at two levels.

Level one Skills and drills that don’t need open area or ground, and theoretical knowledge at their own school premises.

Level two – NMKRV’s sports ground and the BBMP (govt) fields near their schools were utilised for training and conduct of matches.

Training sessions were designed for one hour, between 8am and 9am, twice a week. Regular practice sessions included warm – up, Ball handling skills, Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, Skill Development, Cooling – Down. The sessions always end with breakfast at NMKRV’s in house cafeteria.


  • Observing the intention and dedication the local member of the Legislative assembly offered financial support in the college building a Basket Ball Court on our campus.
  • The students attended the training sessions regularly and participated in various competitions and tournaments, winning prizes galore.
  • They represented ‘Dasara sports’ and district/Taluk level games.


  • When trainer fees and reimbursement loomed large, NMKRV sports Alumnae and their NGO stepped in to train the chosen students’ free of cost.
  • The school authorities and parents of young athletes had to be convinced and counselled at various stages of this programme. On occasions, trainers had to reach the students’ parents at their homes.
  • The Basketball tournament planned for 4th and 5th April 2020 had to be postponed due to the Pandemic situation.

Yet, we at NMKRV strive for higher standards for ourselves and the ones who may not be as privileged.