The Post- graduates of Commerce will be able to:

  • Gains complete knowledge about all fundamental aspects of emerging areas likeE-Business, Management Information system and Business Analytics
  • Understands the background of Monetary system in India and Macro-economics to apply in Decision-making process and trends in B2B marketing, Statistical Analysis in Research.
  • Appreciates the importance of Taxation in Indian context by learning Direct Taxes and Planning and Goods & Services Tax and Customs Law
  • Gains overall knowledge about Commodity exchanges and trading in Stock Market and Portfolio Management and the intricacies of International Finance.
  • Gathers attention about idea generation for research, Review of literature, Data collection methods, drafting research reports and insights about the various fields of research in Commerce.
  • Learns about the potentials of Ind-AS, Companies Act, 2013 and Corporate Valuation in Mergers and Acquisitions, etc.
  • Carry out assignments in the various aspects of Risk Management, Retail Banking, Corporate banking, Asset -Liability Management of Banks in India and their operations in detail.