The graduates of M.Sc Chemistry will be able to:

  • Gains complete knowledge about all fundamental aspects of all the elements of chemistry.
  • Understands the background of organic reaction mechanisms, complex chemical structures, and instrumental method of chemical analysis, molecular rearrangements and separation techniques.
  • Appreciates the importance of various elements present in the periodic table, coordination chemistry and structure of molecules, properties of compounds, structural determination of complexes using theories and instruments.
  • Gains overall knowledge about group theoretical aspects in chemistry, molecular spectroscopy including rotational, vibrational and electronic spectra.
  • Gathers attention about the physical aspects of atomic structure, quantum mechanical approaches, reaction pathways with respect to time, various energy transformations, molecular assembly in nanolevel, significance of electrochemistry, molecular segregation using their symmetry.
  • Learns about the potential uses of retro-synthetic analysis, medicinal chemistry, natural products chemistry and green chemistry.
  • Carry out experiments in the area of organic analysis, estimation, separation, derivative process, inorganic semi micro analysis, preparation, conductometric and potentiometric analysis