First Semester

Introduction to the basic of electronic and digital media. Cover and write balanced reports, learn editing techniques and bring out online and offline newsletters. Understand the theories, ethics and laws abiding the profession of journalism and communication skills required to excel in the field.

Second Semester

Ability to comprehend the issues and themes of the journalism, analyse the strategies adopted in development communication, understand the approaches, technique required to conduct research, produce radio programs by mastering script writing and program production, apply the craft and style of feature writing, understand the field of business journalism and write articles.

Third Semester

Ability to simplify technical content in simple language and multimedia as part of technical communication and have a critical attitude towards the way corporations and organizations communicate, externally and internally, based on their understanding and demonstrate an understanding of the principles of corporate communication and its global role in the theoretical and practical landscape of public relations. Develop advanced critical thinking skills in written analysis of text and visual media. Demonstrate competency in all aspects of broadcast productions, on-camera aspects and Interpret video footage for selective editing (storytelling), Produce videos in a professional manner using digital non-linear editing techniques, use light and sound techniques to enhance video productions.

Fourth Semester

Identify and analyze major trends in political campaigning, with a special attention to the role of relational and interpersonal communication in the formation of political opinions and the emergence of political discourses and identities. Compare different media strategies for popularization, advocacy, and intervention in relation to public health and gain an understanding of health communication, its different formats, application and importance. Ability to analyze individual media businesses and understand the economic drivers of the media economy and able to develop an integrated marketing plan using a wide variety of media that will take a comprehensive approach to a marketing challenge.