Knowledge and Education, as a stepping stone to progress and all other social consequences, needs careful governance. Our vision regarding education is a harmonious blend of the needs of society, and the specific educational reach coupled with the ideological stand of our college. Apart from classroom activities, we believe, various social outreach programs inspire in our students a love for exploration and respect for our country’s plurality and multiculturalism.

These programs, outside the framework of class hours and examinations, offer knowledge that is inter-cultural, interdisciplinary and holistic. The other purpose is to enable a student to choose the one area that she should dedicate herself to. Choice to her ought to be choice-filled college years, where it is about having genuine options in how she designs her life, regardless of her demography.

College sponsored social activities offer each student the ability to think in constructive, alternative ways, enabling her to be an active agent in determining her own behaviour and master new challenges. Meeting challenges is made possible through modules comprising of Teachable Skills, Fair Attitudes, Balanced Self-Control, Healthy Grit, Realistic Optimism, Safe Curiosity and Immeasurable Zest. A student’s efficacy adds to her experience of success and each successful social project increase the chances of success for the next, a success that defines the values that every woman envisions for herself.