Chaithanya –Centre for “UGC – Remedial Coaching Classes”, was inaugurated in August 2005. It has been rendering services to students of Arts, Science, Commerce and Management, special preference being given to SCs/STs and other minority groups like Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and economically weaker sections. Presently Dr.Swamy Athmananda , Associate Professor, Department of Kannada, is the coordinator of Chaitanya.


“No one can put you down unless you let them. Let them know you deserve better. Because you do.”



Schemes under Chaithanya

  • Classes are conducted after the regular class hours, during weekends, and during holidays.
  • Classes are conducted apart from the regular classes.
  • Experienced and dedicated teachers and staff members are involved.
  • Classes are purely need-based
  • Both in- staff and staff from other colleges work as teachers at the centre
  • In- Services training programmes are conducted during vacations and weekends only.
  • A small physical library and a digital library have been established for reference and circulation of books. CDs and DVDs have also been made available.
  • Books on General Knowledge, Communicative English and Soft Skills, and outstanding books in various fields are available for circulation throughout the year. (even during vacations)