The Entrepreneurship Development Cell is a platform for students to develop their skills and frame their careers in Entrepreneurship.

Formation of the E-cell is in association with Pradhan Mantri Yuva Udyamita Abhiyan program conducted by the Ministry of Skill and Entrepreneurship Development as a flagship scheme. The objectives of the scheme are:

  • Create an enabling ecosystem for entrepreneurship development through entrepreneurship education, training, and advocacy.
  • Provide easy access to entrepreneurship network.
  • Promote development of social enterprises for inclusive growth.

PM-YUVA Yojana is incorporated with this program. The objectives are:

  1. Educate and equip potential and early stage entrepreneurs
  2. Connect entrepreneurs in enabling networks of peers, mentors, incubators, funding and business services
  3. Coordinate and support entrepreneurs through Entrepreneurship Hubs(E-Hubs)
  4. Catalyze a culture shift to support aspiring entrepreneurs



 Ms Shashirekha.B.V., MBA, M.Phil,

Assistant Professor

Department of Commerce


Ms Roopashree.A,MBA,PGDHRM

Assistant Professor                                          ,

Department of Management