An alumni association is an association of graduates of former students. It is organized in schools, colleges and universities. This association often conduct several activities. We at NMKRV College for Women have one such association of alumni called as ‘SAMMILANA’. Every year in the month of January, we have an alumni meet, which is organized by our college, wherein around 200-250 alumnae from various streams come together and recollect their moments. They meet their friends and teachers, and exchange their views.The purpose of an association is to foster a spirit of loyalty and to promote the general welfare of the organization. Alumni associations exist to support the parent organization’s goals, and to strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, and the parent organization.
Today, alumni relations is an important part of an institution’s advancement activities for many reasons: Alumni are an institution’s most loyal supporters. … Alumni are often in the position to engage with the expertise of the institution in their professional lives.


  1. To create a sense of abiding affection and affinity in the minds of the former students
  2. To foster good rapport between the management, staff and students on the one hand, and the public on the other for the growth and development of the college.
  3. To promote the aims and ideals of the institution as spelled out in its prospectus and other relevant publications.
  4. To arrange and conduct scientific, professional, social, and cultural programmes for the benefit of members, medical professionals and the general public.
  5. To conduct and participate actively in public to project and implement programmes.
  6. To assist meritorious and needy students.
  7. To collect funds for the benefits and activities of the college by way of donations, contributions, and aids.

Each year, different themes are formed. Last year (2017), the theme was RETRO. Many of our alumni were dressed in retro styles. This year (2018) we have named our alumni meet as NENAPINANGALA. A distinguishing feature of our college is that few of our alumni have become faculties in various departments.

We have our alumni in all fields

  1. Academicians
  2. IAS/IPS
  3. Journalists
  4. T V artists
  5. Singers
  6. Dancers
  7. Entrepreneurs
  8. Working in International organization
  9. Writers
  10.  Sports…

The list goes on.

A small list of our alumni as follows.

  1. Vani
  2. Ramya Vasistha
  3. Divya Raghavan
  4. Pallavi Arun
  5. Vidhya Murthy
  6. Archana
  7. Prof. Usha
  8. Prof. Hema
  9. Dr. Gangavathi
  10. Lakshmi Devi
  11. Dr. Manola Gayathri
  12. Meera Basnet
  13. Dr. Prasanna Mukundan
  14. Swetha Cavale
  15. Neha Gowda
  16. Dr. Manjula V
  17. Dr. Poornima
  18. Geetha B S
  19. Sudha Reddy
  20. Mandasmitha C

The above mentioned are few of our alumni, who are well known in the society. We have few special feature regarding our alumni.

  • Few of our alumnus have become faculties in NMKRV College.
  • Some of them are involved in BOE (Board of Examination).
  • They are involved in giving free lectures for the current students.
  • Conducting entrepreneurial activities for the present students.