On completion of Chemistry program at NMKRV College for Women, the graduates will achieve the following outcome: 

  • Get a firm foundation in the fundamentals and application of current chemical and scientific theories including those in Analytical, Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistries.
  • Design and carry out scientific experiments as well as accurately record and analyze the results of such experiments.
  • Demonstrate problem solving skills, critical thinking and analytical reasoning as applied to scientific problems.
  • Clearly communicate the results of scientific work in oral, written and electronic formats to both scientists and the public at large.
  • Explore new areas of research in both chemistry and allied fields of science and technology.
  • Recognize the central role of chemistry in our society and use this as a basis for ethical behavior in issues facing chemists including an understanding of safe handling of chemicals, environmental issues and key issues facing our society in energy, health and medicine.
  • Explain why chemistry is an integral activity for addressing social, economic, and environmental problems.
  • Function as a member of an interdisciplinary problem solving team.