At the end of the three year program in Biotechnology, the students will able to:

  • Understand the need and apply knowledge of Biotechnology to solve problems in the areas of Medicine, Agriculture, Fermentation technology, Food processing and Environment, and develop entrepreneurial ideas.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in basic laboratory skills like preparation of solutions and culture media, handling of equipment, aseptic techniques, micropipetting, maintaining scientific laboratory manuals.
  • Perform, and analyze results of experiments using basic laboratory techniques in molecular biology and recombinant DNA technology, like agarose and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, restriction enzyme digestion, bacterial transformations and PCR, immunology and plant tissue culture.
  • Ability to present their project work through written, oral, and visual presentations.
  • Exhibit an ability to work independently and collaboratively.
  • Get an exposure in current scientific literature, computer programs and web information pertaining to Biotechnology.